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Dana Lucas, Co-Owner
Dana’s first love is entrepreneurship. Previous to opening Fishetarian, she worked in sales, including wine and chocolate (two of her favorite things). Prior to that, she created, owned, operated and successfully sold Harvest Time Organics. This small company produced some of the first organic, freshly-made, grab-n-go products to be stocked by national chain health food stores throughout Northern California. She earned a degree in Cultural Anthropology from UCSC in 1997 and decided to travel. Her love of food started on a summer trip to Italy, which eventually landed her in Sonoma County and led to her opening Fishetarian with her “Seafood Guru” husband in the summer of 2012.

When asked what she loves most about working at Fishetarian, Dana responds: “I love working on teams because I feel every member of the team brings something to the table, and when you have a great team, you create magic. Essentially, that is what we have done at Fishetarian. We create amazingly delicious food and a fantastic, Bodega Bay experience BECAUSE of our Team! This crew is exceptional in that they are all positive, talented, enthusiastic, and extremely hard-working individuals that show up daily to provide our customers with an excellent “Bummer Free Zone Experience!”