Dungeness Crab including Shipping to your Front Door


Crab ranges from 1.5 - 2.5 lbs. One crab usually satisfies two people.

Wild caught in the Pacific Ocean surrounding Bodega Bay, California. Dungeness crab has a rich buttery taste, and is sweet right out of the shell. Our cooked Dungeness crabs are pulled from one of our large live tanks and cooked the morning they are shipped so you'll be receiving the freshest cooked Dungeness Crab possible.

Preparation: Excellent steamed and cracked, we tell our customers no "crab tools" necessary, just use one of the sharp tips on the claws as your crab tool! Works perfect! Add lemon and dip in melted butter. Pour yourself a glass of Chardonnay to pair with your meal, cheers! Shipment Includes 2 bibs per crab. Information will be included with your shipment regarding preparing, eating and storing crab.

When looking to purchase seafood online, always consider the source. When you buy from Fishetarian Fish Market you are guaranteed the freshest seafood possible. We are located right on the dock in Bodega Bay on California's north coast adjacent to the clean waters of the Northern Pacific and the abundant wildlife that inhabits it. To promote healthy oceans, the wild caught seafood we offer is certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council or rated either a "best choice" or "good alternative by the Monterey Bay aquarium and Blue Ocean Institute."

(To learn more go to http://www.seafoodwatch.org)