Shane Lucas - Co-Owner & President of Fishetarian

Shane’s first love is fishing and serving excellent, locally caught seafood! His parents & grandparents taught him everything they know about fishing, the seafood business, and about serving quality, delicious seafood. He comes from a long line of fisherman and his parents opened Lucas Wharf 30+ years ago (located next door to Fishetarian). Shane has spent 20+ years in the wholesale fish business selling seafood. He can definitely be called a Seafood Expert! Or you can just call him a “Fish Monger.”

When asked what Shane loves most about working at Fishetarian, he responds: “I really enjoy our appreciative customers, the great energy in our store and the awesome team we have built. We have created what I like to call, “A Bummer Free Zone!” I feel extremely thankful for my Mom & Dad (Jim & Peggy Lucas) who taught me about the seafood restaurant industry while I was growing up, in turn I get to pass on my knowledge to my children (Charlie & Aleah Lucas). My goal is to have Fishetarian become WORLD FAMOUS!”

Dana Lucas - Mommy, Co-Owner: Marketing & Advertising Director, Team Builder, Merchandise Coordinator & Buyer

Dana’s first love is entreprenurship. Previous to starting Fishetarian, she worked 10+ years in sales including wine & chocolate (two of her favorite things)! Prior to that time, she created, owned, operated and sucessfully sold “Harvest Time Organics.” This small company produced some of the first organic, freshly made, “grab n go” products to be stocked by national chain health food stores throughout Northern California. Before doing so, she also created, owned & operated “Harmonious Hummus” a small hummus company that exsisted in Santa Cruz while attending the University of Santa Cruz between the years of 1995- 1997. In ’97, she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cultural Anthropology from UCSC and decided to travel. She graduated and flew off to Italy for the summer! There her love for all things “foodie” began! This eventually landed her in Sonoma County, and led to her opening Fishetarian with her “seafood guru” husband in the summer of 2012.

When asked what she loves most about working at Fishetarian, Dana responds: “I love working on teams in general because I feel every member of the team brings something to the table, and when you have a great team, you create magic. Essentially, that is what we have done at Fishetarian. We create amazingly delicious food and a fantastic, Bodega Bay experience BECAUSE of our Team! This crew is exceptional in that they are all positive, talented, enthusiastic, and extremely hard working individuals that show up daily to provide our customers an excellent “Bummer Free Zone Experience!”

Aline Unzelman - Team Leader

Aline joined the Fishetarian Team in 2014 and has been with us ever since! Prior to that time, Aline worked at the ” Old Sandpiper Restaurant” (also located in Bodega Bay) for 9 years starting in the “front of the house,” but because of her many talents she was soon promoted to their Management Team. Aline also spent 12+ years working next door to Fishetarian at “Lucas Wharf” and always went above and beyond the call of duty! While at Lucas Wharf she worked as a server, bartender and assisted the management team whenever needed. Beacause Aline had been a part of the Lucas family business for over a decade, we were eager and excited to have Aline join the Fishetarian team!

When asked what Aline loves most about working at Fishetarian, she responds: “I have worked in the hospitality business my whole life and enjoy meeting new people everyday….it always makes my day! I have worked in the Bodega Bay area for 23 years now and still love it! It’s such a small community made up of lots of friends that have worked together in many of the local businesses. I love the way Fishetarian does business, always making improvements, resourcing local goods, and striving to be environmentally friendly. I also love how involved everyone is on our team, working together to make this restaurant the best it can be…I’m very proud to be a Fishetarian team member!” 

Jose Manuel Flores - Kitchen Team Leader

Manuel has been a great assest to the Fishetarian Team. He came to Fishetarian over 4 years ago with over 20 years of experience working in Northern California Seafood restaurants including “The Sandpiper”, “River’s End”, and “Mojo Café. “Each place that I’ve worked at has taught me everything I know today.” We are very lucky to have him cooking up the “good eats” in our kitchen, always with a smile on his face and great joke that will make you smile.

When asked what he loves most about Fishetarian, Manuel responds: “The success we have reached gives us more motivation to always work better and harder as a team.”


Krista Sparks - Assistant Team Leader
Krista is currently attending Santa Rosa Junior College and is studying business. She joined the Fishetarian team in 2015 and was quickly promoted to Assistant Manager. Krista had gained experience from previously working as a server at a sushi restaurant, but picked up on her customer service associate duties at Fishetarian very quickly. She has always been quick to learn and eager and enthusiastic to take on new responsibilities. She is a pleasure to work with because of her strong work ethic and her fun sense of humor.
When asked what Krista loves most about working at Fishetarian, she responds: “What I like best about working here is that it is a small business. While working here I have really gotten to know all of my coworkers and we have lots of fun while still working hard. I also love how positive the work environment is!”

Aleah Lucas - Customer Service Associate & Social Media Marketing Representative

Aleah has basically grown up in the customer service business working alongside her parents in the shop since she was 13 years old. When Fishetarian opened she was in 8th grade and she will soon be graduating from Analy High School. Aleah has served many bowls of chowder and plates of fish tacos while at Fishetarian but has mostly enjoyed working our special events. She has also greatly contributed to our Social Media Marketing needs at Fishetarian. She has helped to build our Facebook page to over 1,500+ fans and is currently focussing on our Instagram page!
When asked what Aleah loves most about working at Fishetarian, she responds: “My favorite part of working at Fishetarian is being able to be a part of a fun team of people; and gaining work experience for my future career.”

The Awesome Fishetarian Team: Please Contact us if you are interested in joining our crew!