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Rub With Love Spices Rub With Love Spices Rub With Love Spices Rub With Love Spices Rub With Love Spices
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3.5 oz ea. Are you ready to Love to Rub?

All of the Rub with Love products are multi-use and mindfully mixed to maximize flavor. We Can't recommend these enough! Our Fishetarian Fans love this entire Spice Collection!

Crab Cake Spice Mix: It's easy to make perfect crab cakes at home! This crab cake mix rounds out the crab meat with the fragrance of celery seed and dill plus the tang of mustard and chipotle. It's also great in your crab or shrimp boil. Ingredients: (Gluten Free) Smoked paprika, kosher salt, dry mustard, celery seed, black pepper, dill, chipotle, parsley, natural lemon juice powder (corn syrup solids and natrual flavorings), chives, cardamom, clove. 

Seafood Rub: This fragrant, mild curry is delicious on seafood such as scallops, white fish, lobster or shrimp. It is also a wonderful compliment to vegetables, or put a pinch in the rice cooker. Ingredients: Brown sugar, flake salt, cumin, coriander, cinnamon, ground ancho chili pepper, lemon peel powder, turmeric, ginger, mustard powder, black pepper, cracked rosemary, ground chipotle chili pepper, cloves, dried chives, granulated garlic, cayenne pepper.

Veggie Rub: If you whole roast or grill veggies throughout the year, this lifts the taste level of any meal you're preparing. Use it when prepping soup bases and sprinkle a little in when cooking down vegetable stock. Ingredients: Flake salt, minced dried onion, fennel seed, coriander, coarse red pepper, lemon peel powder, mustard powder, granulated garlic, black pepper, marjoram.

Salmon Rub: This rub is a combination of paprika, thyme, and brown sugar. It can also add sweet smoky flavor to pork or chicken. Words cannot describe how incredible this rub is—sweet with an ever so slight heat to it. SO good!  Ingredients: Brown sugar, smoked paprika, flake salt, black pepper, and thyme.