Shane and Dana Lucas started Fishetarian out of a passion for fishing, cooking and eating delicious, health conscious seafood. Together, they share a belief in sustainable fishing and farming practices. In order to protect the natural beauty of our oceans, all of the tableware is recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. They source all ingredients locally and organically-grown whenever possible.

Fishetarian offers Sustainable Seafood, caught locally, and the traditional coastal favorites (such as fish n' chips & chowda') made with a "healthy twist!" Additionally, they offer many gluten free and vegetarian options.  Before Fishetarian, there were not very many “healthy choices” in this remote beach town.

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Meet our Seafood Guru!

Shane, an avid fisherman for over 40 years, is hopelessly addicted to the sport! He's been selling "fresh off the dock" seafood for over 20 years, earning him the nickname "The Seafood Guru."

His parents, Jim and Peggy Lucas, purchased the Lucas Wharf fish dock in 1973 and opened the Lucas Wharf restaurant in 1984. For many years, Shane’s Dad, Uncle and Grandfather ran the vessel “The Silver Seas,” which trawled for ground fish and pink shrimp off the North Coast of California.

Shane’s parents taught him everything they know about fishing, the seafood business, and about serving quality, delicious food. The name of our market came about because Shane’s wife, Dana, a vegetarian for many years, naturally became a “Fishetarian” when she met Shane.

With our own seafood expert, Shane, only the finest fish makes it into the case at Fishetarian Fish Market in Bodega Bay, CA. Shane hand selects the daily catch each day, so visit us today and pick some up to share with your family and friends!

Shane Pictured above, age 25, on the Lucas Wharf Dock right outside Fishetarian.

In 2012, when we started Fishetarian, our son Charlie was only 3 months old! This is why we serve our famous "Charlie's Chowder!" Shortly after, we decided Fishetarian would be a "Bummer Free Zone" and so we developed  The “Bummer Free Zone” Guarantee: This means, if you don’t like your meal, we offer a guarantee that we will 100% refund you, or re-make your meal until you are fully satisfied!

Fishetarian is also proud to use Sustain ® Frying Oil: A hearth-healthy option, this non GMO sunflower frying oil is a blend of mid-oleic and high-oleic sunflower oil. Sustain ® contains high levels of heart-healthy mono-unsaturated fat which studies hav shown can lower bad cholesterol.