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Aline Unzelman, Team Leader

Aline joined the Fishetarian Team in 2014 and has been with us ever since! Prior to that, Aline worked at the Old Sandpiper Restaurant, also located in Bodega Bay, for 9 years starting in front of the house. Because of her many talents, she was promoted to their Management Team. Aline also spent 12+ years working next door to Fishetarian at Lucas Wharf and always went above and beyond the call of duty. While at Lucas Wharf, she worked as a server, bartender, and assisted the management team whenever needed. Because Aline had been a part of the Lucas family business for over a decade, we were eager and excited to have her join the Fishetarian team.

When asked what Aline loves most about working at Fishetarian, she responds: “I have worked in the hospitality business my whole life and enjoy meeting new people everyday–it always makes my day! I have worked in the Bodega Bay area for over 23 years and still love it! It’s such a small community made up of lots of friends that have worked together in many of the local businesses. I love the way Fishetarian does business, always making improvements, resourcing local goods, and striving to be environmentally friendly. I also love how involved everyone is on our team, working together to make this restaurant the best it can be. I’m very proud to be a Fishetarian team member!”