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Charlie Lucas, Team Mascot

Charlie of Fishetarian's "Charlie's Chowder" was only 3 months old when we opened Fishetarian in 2012. This kid has literally grown up "in the biz!" We used to work with him in our baby carrier around the store and customers would marvel at how fast he grew, as Fishetarian also grew! Charlie is 100% a "people person!" We attribute his outgoing character to this experience. Charlie inspired our numerous gluten-free menu items as he was gluten- and dairy-free for the first four years of his life.

Charlie can often be seen hanging out at Fishetarian eating his favorite sweet potato fries. Charlie is always eager to assist with Fishetarian events and has participated at the annual Fishermans Fest, Bodega Bay Chowder Day, Bodega Parade Day, and many more!