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Kitchen Manager - Arnulfo Cervantes Gomez

 Arnulfo Cervantes, came to us as a seasoned professional and has spent many years as an exceptionally skilled cook. Arnulfo has an eye for detail, incredible focus, and excellent leadership skills. He successfully manages the 15+ employee kitchen team, performs inventory management, and expedites all of our kitchen systems. During our “360 degree evaluation process” where team mates get to “grade” one another on job performance & working with others, Arnulfo scored the HIGHEST of any team member! The evaluation covers communication skills, enthusiasm, dependability, etc.  Arnulfo has proved himself to be an invaluable asset to our team and we are greatly appreciative to have him here! Thank you so much Arnulfo for always going above and beyond and adding your positive light into our daily lives!  By the way, Arnulfo is always smiling and fast like a rabbit (He is nick-named “conejo” which translated in Spanish, means rabbit, because of this).