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Shane Lucas, Co-Owner & President

Shane’s first love is fishing and serving excellent, locally-caught seafood! His parents and grandparents taught him everything they know about fishing, the seafood business, and about serving quality, delicious seafood. He comes from a long line of fisherman and his parents opened Lucas Wharf 30+ years ago (located next door to Fishetarian). Shane has spent over 20 years in the wholesale fish business selling seafood. He can definitely be called a seafood expert or fish monger.

When asked what Shane loves most about working at Fishetarian, he responds: “I really enjoy our appreciative customers, the great energy in our store and the awesome team we have built. We have created what I like to call, 'A Bummer Free Zone!' I feel extremely thankful for my parents, Jim & Peggy, who taught me about the seafood restaurant industry while I was growing up, knowledge I now get to pass on to my children, Charlie and Aleah. My goal is to have Fishetarian become WORLD FAMOUS!”